1. What is “Follow the money”?

“Follow the Money” is a project derived from a collaboration among IMCO, Global Integrity, GESOC and INAI, in order to support Mexico in its efforts towards open fiscal governance by implementing methodologies to assess the information in the flow of public resources. In the context of this project, currently, there are two specific efforts:

a) Follow the Money within the initiative “Open Government: Locally driven cocreation”, derived from the establishment of specific commitments intended to follow up the money in the Action Plans of the states participating in the initiative.

b) Follow the Money in the states tries to reinforce and build local capacities that allow to obtain and employ data about the use of public resources to impact public policy during its local co-creation process. The entities participating in this project are:

2. What do we expect to achieve with the Project “Follow the Money”?

  • Improve the use of public resources to address relevant challenges for the local citizens.
  • Strengthen the local capacities to obtain and employ data about the use of public resources and impact the public policy;
  • Support the states in making and implementing the commitments related to money following up within the framework of its local co-creation process; and
  • Offer methodological tools to design, execute, monitor and assess the actions intended to “Follow the Money”, which are useful for the states in their co-creation process, easy to be spread, and appropriate.

3. How to implement a "Follow the Money" practice?

In the context of the "Follow the Money" project, INAI, in collaboration with Global Integrity and GESOC A.C., has developed two guide-documents to address the main characteristics of the "Follow the Money" implementation processes and efforts in Mexico, in a friendly and practical manner. These documents are designed to help, enable and inspire stakeholders to know more about accountability and "Follow the Money" success stories.
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