What is the Open Government Metric?

The Open Government Metric refers to qualitative and quantitative research carried out by the INAI and the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE) to monitor the level of institutional openness of certain regulated entities by the General Act of Transparency at the three government levels (federal, state and municipal).

The Metric provides different elements of analysis in terms of openness, based on transparency and citizen participation areas, and considering the governmental and citizen perspective. This Metric analyzes the access to information that citizens have so they may know the government actions and in turn to what extent such government actions can be influenced.

The information considered in the Metric is collected biannually; therefore, this section only reports the methodology, indicator analysis and results of the year 2017. The Metric presented in 2017 was referred to as the first edition; however, the data collection started in 2016.

The data that will be included in the second edition of the Metric has been collected, and this investigation was presented in February 2019.

In the first edition of the Metric, 908 regulated entities were analyzed, while for the second edition, 1243 regulated entities have been considered. This certainly is an effort of national impact that the National System of Transparency proudly presents.

Why are the Metric’s results worth to be consulted?

It is very important that people or institutions interested in transparency and participation issues use this tool as reference to generate recommendations, perform other assessments or design public policies based on the evidence obtained.

In each state of the country, the Metric solves the following questions :

  • Does the government make public the information relative to its decisions and actions?
  • At what extent does the government do it?
  • What is the quality of the information?
  • What mechanisms exist for citizens to influence public decision-making?
  • How feasible is it that citizens obtain timely and relevant information to make decisions?
  • What are the possibilities for citizens to have access to a mechanism that allows them to influence public decisions?

The Open Government Metric is a national benchmark that simplifies the opening radiography of each State.

First Edition - Metric 2017


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