The Open Government National Summit is an annual event where people from different regions of the country meet to reflect, problematize, integrate perspectives and dialogue about different topics related to Open Government.

During the first edition of the Summit in 2018, and during at least three days, experiences about topics associated with access to information, transparency, social innovation, accountability, and citizen participation are shared and exchanged, from different and dynamic approaches, as varied as the cultural expressions in Mexico.

During 2018, the Summit was carried out from April 11 to 13, presenting national and international renowned experts, such as Álvaro Ramírez Alujas, Alonso Cerdán, Haydee Pérez, Alan Hudson, Natalia Carfi, Silber Meza, Juan Manuel Ramos, and Sofia Aristeo, who are outstanding figures by their wide experience in the open government practice community.

INAI, as the host institution, intends year after year to invite the most prominent people in the open government field to share experiences that may help solve different public problems and to present and discuss new solutions and mechanisms that are currently part of a great global network.

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